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BV Miracle

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Bacterial VaginosisBacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection in the world; even more common than yeast infections. It is recognizable by a milky white discharge from the vagina particularly during and after sex. It is also often associated with an unpleasant “fishy” smell also noticed during sex.

The most common treatment for Bacterial vaginosis in western medicine is to use an antibiotic called Flagyl (which goes by other names in other countries ) Unfortunately Flagyl comes with the usual side effects of taking antibiotics, such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Even worse is that an extremely high number of women (est. 80%) who take antibiotics such as Flagyl will have a recurring infection within a few months.

Bacterial vaginosis treatment is difficult primarily because antibiotics such as Flagyl are designed to target the symptoms of BV and not the causes. Without treating the causes of BV, re-infection is likely to occur. In order to treat bacterial vaginosis permanently, you must address the issues that are causing BV in the first place.

BV is caused by an imbalance of the bacterial levels found in the vagina. This is commonly referred to as the “vaginal flora.” In layman’s terms, there is a certain amount of “good” bacteria in your vagina and a certain amount of “bad” bacteria. BV occurs when the bad bacteria are overwhelming the good. BV treatments like Flagyl are designed to destroy the bad bacteria but after a short time it’s very common for the bad bacteria to once again overwhelm the good, resulting in another BV infection.

Discover what Megan MacDonald a 6-year sufferer of bacterial vaginosis, who knows what it’s like to live with this embarrassing and frustrating condition. She suffered from recurring infections for years and tried all kinds of typical BV treatments (antibiotics, suppositories, and the rest) but it was a long hard road to find something that actually worked permanently for her.

The truth is that in order to achieve permanent treatment of BV you have to accomplish the following…

Steps to Permanent BV Treatment

  1. Eliminate the bad bacteria
  2. Increase the good bacteria
  3. Boost your immune system so that your body has the fuel it needs to keep the bad bacteria from overwhelming the good.
  4. Avoid re-infection with some simple but not-so-well-known lifestyle changes.

Megan Macdonald created the BV Miracle to help women resolve an issue that she had to go through for years. She also wrote a 65-page book called “The BV Miracle” that covers everything you need to know to accomplish the four steps listed above.

The BV Miracle is available exclusively from this website and can be downloaded instantaneously to your home computer safely, securely and discreetly.

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Why Should You Consider Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

If you have been coping with the conditions of Bacterial Vaginosis, then finding a remedy which fits with your lifestyle is important. When looking at possibilities, you want to make sure which the healthiest and most logical solution allow you to cure BV for a longer period. Determining whether you should use medications and prescriptions or a natural cure for Bacterial Vaginosis is the first question to ask. Weighing in the options by having the knowledge and perspective about the natural cures available is the beginning to finding the right solution for BV.

Though many believe that prescription medicine or over the counter medication is better for Bacterial Vaginosis, it does not always bring the best cure. Many women take antibiotics available for BV either orally or inserted through the vagina. They are designed to kill the bacteria which are causing an imbalance in your body. However, the side affects which come with this, and the other alternatives associated with antibiotics and prescription remedies may not be the best option for the prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis after you have completed the initial cure.

Even though prescription medications are designed to kill the bad bacteria from BV, the medication is unable to decide which bacteria should be killed which are good. Typically, prescriptions have a questionable track record of combat against the wrong bacteria; however, many women have reported the bad bacteria may appear after six months of taking a treatment. Since you want to take a medication which does not cause the BV to come back, considering a natural cure for Bacterial Vaginosis combats with the immune system and can move bad bacteria outside the system proves more efficiency.

If you decide to use prescription medications, it is not only the awareness of what bacteria are being attacked, but also how the medications respond to your body over time. For instance, if you move back onto a medication once BV appears again, your body will recognize the medication and will build a resistance to it. Many who have used antibiotics have found which, over time, their bodies build an immunity to the medicine. The problem with this is which you may think the BV is being eliminated with the prescriptions, and instead leads to a build up, causing other complications and side effects from the bacteria staying present.

A last association which is a part of natural cure for Bacterial Vaginosis is related to the immediate reactions your body may have. With most prescriptions, it is expected which side effects will occur, especially if your body is not used to the medication. However, most of the natural cures for Bacterial Vaginosis are also foods and herbs used in everyday life. Unless you are allergic to a remedy, there won’t be any expected side effects, making them safer to use.

The difference with prescription medications and natural cure remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis is dependent on how your body reacts and what you can expect from the prescriptions. While most natural cures don’t have side effects, adverse problems or long term consequences, medications show the opposite results. Being careful of the downside of medications before you consider them and knowing the differences with natural cure for Bacterial Vaginosis helps you to make a wise and informed decision for long term effects.